[CentOS] question on sending mail with 5.2

Sun Sep 14 01:28:01 UTC 2008
Bob Hoffman <bob at bobhoffman.com>

> > I really don't understand why people just don't turn off their 
> > mailservers if they don't want mail from others.
> Most of us have come close.    I get north of 500 spams a day 
> unprotected.
> I've been using the same email since '01.  I know many others 
> have it worse than I do.  

I got my first website address in 1997. I almost got bob.com, but
networksolutions would not give it to me even though it was expired for a
year. Microsoft legal even offered to network solutions to let it go..but
they would not send the fax.
It should have been mine.
I spent a week calling about it to microsoft and left a message to a 'top
guy'. The next day it was suddendly given to the guy who owns it now. A
'friend' of microsofts.

Anyway...back on the topic.
My email has been the same forever.
On the old server I could, after filtering, get upwards of 2000 mails a day.
Not all junk mail is filterable due to work and stuff.

I just did my centos though..new server, updated the spam stuff...down to
less than 100 a day.
It is like being reborn.

So, it is possible with a heavliy used email address to weed out a lot of
junk through centos and spam assassin indeed.
I was highly impressed.