[CentOS] usb irq problem

Fri Sep 19 13:28:21 UTC 2008
partha chowdhury <kira.laucas at gmail.com>

i add the "irqpoll" option to kernel line. after the system booted i log
into X with tty1 also login as root with the command " tail
-f /var/log/messages" for monitoring . After 10 to 20 minutes i got the
same message again but this time immediately the system froze up !

i tried it 5 times now and each time is the same result.i also noticed
that the system was behaving very slowly till the message came up like
usually folder copy operation - i usually get 70-90MB/s according to
vmstat 1  comand, but with irqpoll  the maximum i noticed was like

Am i doing something wrong ?