Wed Sep 24 18:10:20 UTC 2008
John Hinton <webmaster at ew3d.com>

Bob Hoffman wrote:
> Okay,
> Yahoo is bumming me. Only system my mail is having an issue with. All mail
> is accepted, but junked. I can only think it is the DKIM/Domain keys.
> It is apparent that the dkim-milter is not part of the centos 5.x distro nor
> is it part of the mirrors, as far as I can tell.
> So...have any of you done it with your servers for sendmail?
> There are some sites that claim to have rpms and I have downloaded the tar
> from sendmail. But I would rather hear from anyone who has an opinion before
> I go with one or the other.
> I do not trust any rpms except for their mirrors, so not sure if I want to
> do that. But maybe it is fine.
> Open to suggestions, ideas for what works for you and yahoo.
> No, I do not want to install postfix, thank you - /ninja'd ya
I'm running sendmail. The single number one issue is to never bounce 
email. Reject is fine, but if you have anything doing bounce you'll 
likely wind up on their blocklist for a day or few. Spammers love to use 
yahoo addresses as from addresses, so if you are bouncing any mail, 
you'll likely be spamming yahoo in their eyes and in fact most people's 
eyes these days.

I have multiple hosting accounts and not all have SPF records, although 
this might help as well, but if you keep outgoing clean, you'll get 
through to yahoo users as well. And if it winds up in their spam box, it 
is their responsibility to move it out and approve the sender. Yahoo 
does run extremely strict filtering and that's just how it is for 
everyone. If anything in an email is at all spammy (and it's really easy 
to cross that fine line), it'll wind up in the spam box.

John Hinton