Wed Sep 24 18:31:45 UTC 2008
Bob Hoffman <bob at bobhoffman.com>


> I'm running sendmail. The single number one issue is to never 
> bounce email. Reject is fine, but if you have anything doing 
> bounce you'll likely wind up on their blocklist for a day or 
> few. Spammers love to use yahoo addresses as from addresses, 
> so if you are bouncing any mail, you'll likely be spamming 
> yahoo in their eyes and in fact most people's eyes these days.
> I have multiple hosting accounts and not all have SPF 
> records, although this might help as well, but if you keep 
> outgoing clean, you'll get through to yahoo users as well. 
> And if it winds up in their spam box, it is their 
> responsibility to move it out and approve the sender. Yahoo 
> does run extremely strict filtering and that's just how it is 
> for everyone. If anything in an email is at all spammy (and 
> it's really easy to cross that fine line), it'll wind up in 
> the spam box.


I am pretty sure I am not bouncing mails...I have catchalls and they go to
devnull..however I could be wrong since that only affects my domain mails
only. I am sure there is something else I should do.

Yahoo is a propenent of DKIM and they say they would like mail better with
it. Infact, I think it almost whitelists you with them, until you screw up.
They highly suggest it if you are sending bulk mails or have large user
lists. They say you should do it.

I am starting to look at headers from other mailings from other sites. So
far all that have been tagged as spam do not DKIM/domain keys set up. So
far... Yahoo will not answer my question.

One work around is to force all users to give a non yahoo mailing address...