[CentOS] No sound through system speaker on OQO

Fri Sep 26 20:53:39 UTC 2008
Robert Moskowitz <rgm at htt-consult.com>

The OQO has the VIA HDA controller and I can listen to music via the 
headphone jack (need to try out USB headphone and BT head phone still).

I get system beeps from the system speaker, but no music.

The Audio Configuration gnome module reports that the snd-hda-intel 
module is being used .  The Default PCM device is teh STAC92xx Analog, 
and the also libs and utils are being used.

Can I get sound out the system speaker?  There was a discussion about 
sound problems on the eeePC 1000H a bit ago:

> But at the moment I'm stuck on the audio card. The system seems to
> detect it happily enough as Intel HDA, with a Realtek ALC269 chip, but
> there's no sound. I'm sure I've hit a similar problem in the past with
> the snd-hda-intel driver - I think it's a matter of figuring out the
> right value for the "model=..." parameter. Has anyone else got this to
> work?
I don't see where this 'model=' is to 'play' with it as others in the 
1000H thread talked about.  Perhaps since at least I am getting sounds 
through the headset jack, that is not where my challenge is.

Any pointers on this?