[CentOS] USB external HDD error messages

Mon Sep 29 03:29:04 UTC 2008
Guest <notconfusedaboutthattoday at gmail.com>

On Sun, Sep 28, 2008 at 5:00 PM, partha chowdhury <kira.laucas at gmail.com>wrote:

> Guest3731 wrote:
>>  if you take it out and put it back again is it automatically mounted and
> can kernel see it when you do fdisk -l ?

Sorry to double up on your answer like this, but is there any chance that
the i/o errors are due to a bad usb cable, or usb card in the main
computer?  I didn't mention before that the external hdd that the seagate is
replacing also reported a lot of i/o errors and kept disconnecting itself,
which is why I replaced it....

Thanks for any clues...
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