[CentOS] [OT] Godaddy hell...

Chuck Munro chuckm at rmtcentral.net
Sat Apr 4 15:39:54 UTC 2009


> Jason Pyeron" wrote:
> Can I get some recommendations:
> We are looking for a hosting provider (other than godaddy) with  
> 1: SLA
> 2: SSH access
> 3: subversion/rsync or the ability to install binaries / compile source.
> Would like them to include http/https and email.
> Any suggestions? 
> -Jason 


If you want serious control over the machine and are willing to pay a bit
more for a dedicated server, take a look at ServerBeach.  They offer several
operating systems, including CentOS, and give you control over the box to
the point that you can even re-image the disk remotely if you truly screw
something up.  If you do something nasty to it and cause it to lock up, you
can still remotely reboot.  Hardware RAID-1 is available.

You get out-of-the-box CentOS and are allowed to install pretty well
anything you like, including virtual machines on top.  If you need reverse
DNS lookups you can request whatever response you'd like for the IP
address(es) you have.  Just be aware that what you get is simply a complete
machine fully exposed to the Internet, and you're responsible for your own
iptables firewalling, etc.  Their support staff is friendly and responsive,
but they expect you to be your own geek.

For DNS service I use Nettica because they are relatively inexpensive and
give you control over all of the records.  I use GoDaddy strictly as a
registrar, and have been very happy with the service, but I don't consider
them a serious hosting provider because there's not enough control.

I have used several of the free hosting and DNS services out there, but when
it comes down to the crunch, you get what you pay for (CentOS is a great

BTW, I have no connection with these companies, I just happen to like their
services.  A lot.


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