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ServerBeach hosted YouTube before they moved to Google

On Sat, Apr 4, 2009 at 8:39 AM, Chuck Munro <chuckm at rmtcentral.net> wrote:

> > Jason Pyeron" wrote:
> >
> > Can I get some recommendations:
> >
> > We are looking for a hosting provider (other than godaddy) with
> >
> > 1: SLA
> > 2: SSH access
> > 3: subversion/rsync or the ability to install binaries / compile source.
> >
> > Would like them to include http/https and email.
> >
> > Any suggestions?
> >
> > -Jason
> -------
> If you want serious control over the machine and are willing to pay a bit
> more for a dedicated server, take a look at ServerBeach.  They offer
> several
> operating systems, including CentOS, and give you control over the box to
> the point that you can even re-image the disk remotely if you truly screw
> something up.  If you do something nasty to it and cause it to lock up, you
> can still remotely reboot.  Hardware RAID-1 is available.
> You get out-of-the-box CentOS and are allowed to install pretty well
> anything you like, including virtual machines on top.  If you need reverse
> DNS lookups you can request whatever response you'd like for the IP
> address(es) you have.  Just be aware that what you get is simply a complete
> machine fully exposed to the Internet, and you're responsible for your own
> iptables firewalling, etc.  Their support staff is friendly and responsive,
> but they expect you to be your own geek.
> For DNS service I use Nettica because they are relatively inexpensive and
> give you control over all of the records.  I use GoDaddy strictly as a
> registrar, and have been very happy with the service, but I don't consider
> them a serious hosting provider because there's not enough control.
> I have used several of the free hosting and DNS services out there, but
> when
> it comes down to the crunch, you get what you pay for (CentOS is a great
> exception!)
> BTW, I have no connection with these companies, I just happen to like their
> services.  A lot.
> Chuck
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