[CentOS] truecrypt 6.1a

Benjamin Karhan simon at pop.psu.edu
Wed Apr 8 17:27:08 UTC 2009

A little birdy told me that Roger Wells said:

] Has anyone built and installed truecrypt 6.1a on CentOS 5.3. When I 
] build it it keeps failing here:
] Compiling EncryptionOptionsWizardPage.cpp
] Forms/EncryptionOptionsWizardPage.cpp: In member function 
] ?TrueCrypt::SharedPtr<TrueCrypt::EncryptionAlgorithm> 
] TrueCrypt::EncryptionOptionsWizardPage::GetEncryptionAlgorithm() const?:
] Forms/EncryptionOptionsWizardPage.cpp:45: error: no matching function 
] for call to ?TrueCrypt::GraphicUserInterface::GetSelectedData(wxChoice* 
] const&)?
] I realize that this is likely a problem with truecrypt or me but I am 
] interested to know if anyone here has built it.

yes.  i did, and don't remember encountering any problems at all.
  i can say, you need to make sure to download the appropriate pkcs-11
  headers (they tell you where to get them in documentation included
  with the source code).

B. Karhan
simon at pop.psu.edu
PRI/SSRI Unix Administrator

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