[CentOS] DKMS and new(er) Nvidia-drivers

Sorin Srbu sorin.srbu at orgfarm.uu.se
Wed Apr 15 09:08:20 UTC 2009

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>> Strangely enough, only the systems running an Amd cpu gives the screen
>> artefacts. Go figure...
>What the artifacts?
>I switched to the DKMS module in rpmforge and am running an AMD CPU.
>Only think I've noticed is a weird issue with the cursor in thunderbird,
>I don't know if that is nvidia related or not though. It is annoying and
>I don't recall it being there before I updated the driver.

Diagonal thin black lines originating from upper left corner for starters.
Then if I open a gui, whatever sort, that window gets those lines too. Menus
are unreadable because of this, but slightly more readable if I move the
mouse pointer over the menu entry. The lines tend to go away for a short
while if I log off and log on again. Weird thing is that the lines are
always diagonal and tend to always originate from the upper left corner of
whatever window.

This is with gnome mind you, and *supposedly* this one is the most stable of
all the desktop environments. Haven't tried with KDE and xfce. Can't tell
for sure if it's gnome or the Nvidia drivers specifically, but I'm leaning
towards the drivers.

It's not a hardware issue, as I've run rhel3 on the same machines w/o any

The hardware's two-three year old Asus mobo with a single-core AMD x64 and a
rather feisty Nvidia Quadra gfx card. Don't have the exact details right
now, but it should give a hint or two. All the P4-machines, as well as the
i7-boxes, seem to work fine with dkms.
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