[CentOS] Dual-boot with WinXP, CentOS already installed

Robert Heller heller at deepsoft.com
Fri Apr 17 16:21:01 UTC 2009

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> Sorin Srbu wrote:
> > 
> > Apparantely Windows can bork up after a while if the system files aren't on
> > C:. I was thinking the Windows installer will see the linux partitions and
> > try to name them C: and D: etc, thus Windows will be installed on E: or F:,
> > which might not go down well with some programs.
> > 
> Unless you install Linux on FAT, Winblows won't see it.

If MS-Windows can't install itself on the first drive (as seen by the
BIOS eg /dev/hda(1) or /dev/sda(1)), it won't install.  *MS-Windows*
(AFAIK) simply won't install itself anyplace but C: (at least for the
core system).  I once spent a day or so trying to install MS-Windows NT
4.0 (the pre-cursor to Win2K/WinXP/etc.) on a machine which had a
working Linux install on its SCSI disk (SCSI ID 0).  I had added a
*second* drive (SCSI ID 1).  The MS-Windows installer saw the second
drive, would format it, but then would claim that there was no drive
space to install MS-Windows on.  I want through this loop several
times.  The installer's error messages were quite unhelpful, at least
to someone not used to the Redmond mentality. I ended up swaping drive
ID jumpers, making the Linux install on drive #1 (/dev/sdb*) and the
new disk drive #0 (/dev/sda*).  MS-Windows installed itself then (and I
had to do a rescue boot to re-install Lilo on the new drive #0).

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