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Mon Aug 3 00:09:01 UTC 2009

On 08/03/2009 12:51 AM, Jason Pyeron wrote:
> Does anyone have experience with PDNS?

part of the centos infra runs off pdns... plus, I've used it in anger to 
frontend a 10k + record dns setup.

> The reason I ask is that I have never heard of it before today, but it looks
> like we might want to leverage its sql backend capabilites.

Make sure you benchmark stuff, then do it again.

> In particular do you have any complaints about doing complicated setups?

Its not that hard to get BIND doing sql as well, if thats what you 
really want. However, I've noticed that there must be some exceptional 
reasons to use sql in the first place - most people dont need it. I 
guess you have already worked through other possibilities ?

> Upstream provider's continued support after 5.x?

pdns isnt in 'upstream'

> Any other jibes or cheers?
it mostly works. might need a bit of unlearning Bind to get your head 

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