Rick Barnes linux at sitevision.com
Mon Aug 3 12:13:41 UTC 2009

Jason Pyeron wrote:
> In particular do you have any complaints about doing complicated setups?

We are using a clustered mysql setup and the pdns servers all connect to
the same database. This means no worrying about master-slave XFRs. When
changes occur to database such as adding/removing zones, all changes are
reflected immediately to all DNS servers without restarting or reloading
the pdns daemon.

> Windows machines registering themselves?

We haven't done this.

> Upstream provider's continued support after 5.x?

It's in the CentOS Extras repo not in base. But the release in Extras is
outdated and there are security fixes are in later releases.

EPEL has the latest release and its spec file appears to be written by
the same person that did the centos-plus version.

> Any other jibes or cheers?

http://doc.powerdns.com/ has lots of info to get it setup.

Also, PowerAdmin (https://www.poweradmin.org) is a decent web front-end
to pdns.


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