[CentOS] CentOS Project Infrastructure

Ron Blizzard rb4centos at gmail.com
Fri Aug 7 02:30:58 UTC 2009

On Thu, Aug 6, 2009 at 3:13 PM, Les Mikesell<lesmikesell at gmail.com> wrote:

> Don't misunderstand.  I think you have done and are doing a great job
> but some things are out of any single person's control.  All I'm
> suggesting is that it would be nice if there were an easy answer to the
> question of "what if" those things happen to a few of you.  I think it
> is a good thing that the question is being asked, though.

As an outsider (as far as CentOS development goes), I think this would
probably be a good time to just back off a bit, chill out, and see
what comes out of the current reorganization. The developers have put
a lot on the line, and have been working under strained circumstances
for some time -- yet they have repeatedly released a great OS (and
updates) anyhow. I honestly think things are getting better, but I
think what's needed now is a little breathing room and the space and
time to settle any issues that are still out there.

And maybe a little gratitude for what has already been done by the
developers wouldn't be out of order.  I know I'm very thankful that
CentOS will remain CentOS.

RonB -- Using CentOS 5.3

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