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Johnny Hughes johnny at centos.org
Fri Aug 7 20:47:28 UTC 2009

Johnny Hughes wrote:
> Johnny Hughes wrote:
>> Les Mikesell wrote:
>>> R P Herrold wrote:
>>>>> project, just the PR vibes here. You aren't giving people the warm
>>>>> fuzzies about the project's ability to survive when you make it come
>>>>> across as having a stranglehold of control.
>>>> I missed the memo -- what do we have a stranglehold on?
>>> Remember, I'm just commenting on appearances and wording, but all you 
>>> have to do is read this thread to see that there are people offering to 
>>> help and being refused.  And meanwhile there are things that aren't on 
>>> schedule.  Or maybe there isn't a schedule - or maybe no one is supposed 
>>> to expect one.
>>>>> We'd feel better if you shared your contingency plans.
>>>> I've done that repeatedly -- either people do not read, or 
>>>> will not believe what we write.  Nothing of human creation 
>>>> cannot be all things to all people and it is foolish to think 
>>>> otherwise.
>>> That was in response to Johnny's comment about having to personally know 
>>> someone before they would be allowed to touch anything in the 
>>> repository.  What if something happens to Johnny?  Is there a bigger 
>>> picture?
>> There are several other people all with the capability to build things
>> ... we are just not adding more.
>> There are only 2 people building SciLinux.
>> I am tired of all the complaining.
>> Use it or don't, at this point I don't care.
> I want to point out as well that we have SIGs with people in them who
> can commit limited code an items ... and those groups each have a team
> member who validates the code.
> We are not trying to become Fedora, it already exists.
> There are 3rd party repos as well for things that are not part of CentOS
> proper.
> Our goal is 100% compliance and testing that compliance with upstream
> functionality.
> The community is the Mailing Lists ... the Forums ... the Wiki, etc.
> Not building packages and submitting packages to the repositories.
> (Although we do allow that also in a limited fashion in the SIGS and the
> testing repo.)

Oh, and I forgot the bugs database.

All the bugs are open, anyone should feel free to go there, look at the
bugs, scour the redhat bugzilla and the other upstream sites and post
patches and/or other fixes.  Anyone can register an account and write
post there.

If it is a fix to an upstream package (which we will not publish until
they do), we will gladly post it upstream and get it rolled into the
upstream code (if/when THEY decide to roll it in).  I have, in the past.
maintained many patched packages while waiting for things to get into an
upstream package and posted it to the testing repos.

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