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Johnny Hughes johnny at centos.org
Sun Aug 9 02:25:32 UTC 2009

Ian Murray wrote:
> I can't say I have been following this thread in its entirety, but the
> beauty (?) of free speech is that even the ill-informed get to have a
> say. :o)
> Anyway, I think there is a general problem with the name Community
> ENterprise OS. Well, Community can't refer to us users because every O/S
> has a community, including Windows. So at first glance at the name, I
> would say that CentOS was produced by the community.... but that clearly
> isn't the case, as we know, so perhaps a simple name change would
> suffice: CsentOS... Closed-Shop Enterprise OS. Now, I bet that sounds
> like a criticism and I bet it smarts a bit. It's not meant to be either,
> just simply the truth. Actually, while we are on, where does the
> Enterprise bit come from in the name?... because I keep hearing that if
> you want to anything more than is currently being offered (speed of
> delivery,deadlines, trust that it isn't all going to fall apart, etc.),
> then go and buy upstream or use another distribution. That's a fair
> argument, but then remove the 'Enterprise' from the title... it's
> misleading as it suggests its suitable for the enterprise.

4 million unique machines do not agree with you, regardless of what you
want to believe.

> So, I suggest the product is renamed as...
> Closed-Shop-Binary-Compatible-With-Upstream-OS... CSbcwuOS... not as
> snappy but much closer to the goals and project structure, as far as I,
> as an outsider, can tell.
> I am sure a lot of people, including myself, are now asking how fragile
> this project is and what risk that fragility poses to our individual
> ventures. CentOS itself lives in a "meritocracy" and right now CentOS's
> merit is going down quite considerably. Not a criticism, just a reminder
> like so many others that the project may needs to adapt to progress.

CentOS is now what it has been for the last 5 years.

It is not any different now than it ever has been.


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