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Well, I know I have benefited from the discussion because I understand the challenges that face the CentOS team with regards to security updates whilst they are rebuilding a point release. As has been pointed out to me, we're between a rock and a hard-place and it isn't just a simple matter of not enough resourcing - which is what I thought the issue was... now I stand corrected. Obviously, the security concern is not unreasonable because the CentOS team are considering a different approach for 5.4. What I also now know is this is inherent in any rebuild, so I know have to consider whether a rebuild is the best approach for me.

So, for those of you who consider this as "in-fighting", know that some considers it "learning".

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On Sun, 2009-08-09 at 14:04 -0500, Ron Blizzard wrote:
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> As for getting more people to use CentOS, I don't think squabbling on
> a public mail list is exactly the best way to do that.

OTOH, one man's "squabbling" is another's "open discourse", depending on
attitudes, "presentation", etc. That's one reason I tend to not freely
speak my mind, even with all due respect. Just too many "issues" can
arise and none of it is worth the potential aggravation unless I feel I
might have something to contribute that might actually provide some
benefit - even stimulating a positive thought in another.

As one could surmise, that kind of filter saves a lot of time.


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