[CentOS] Dangerous Software Raid instructions on Wiki

Max Hetrick maxhetrick at verizon.net
Thu Aug 13 11:46:02 UTC 2009

Chan Chung Hang Christopher wrote:

> 1) The Title of the article says "How to Setup a Software RAID on CentOS 5"
> 2) My successor is a real HK bred and born person so his command of the 
> English language is like most such persons; that is to say, very poor.
> 3) Regarding not letting him within ten feet of a production server, 
> well, that is not my business anymore. When I was there, I was the lone 
> ranger and so is my replacement. I guess it serves my previous boss 
> right who felt he could just pick anybody of the street to replace 
> because I only have high school education. Too bad he had to wait for 
> over six months to get what he has now.
> 4) Max, I actually agree with you but hey, the world is not perfect. 
> There will be clueless people given jobs they are not really suitable 
> for but we cannot just tell them to get lost can we now?
> Posted too to centos-docs for any further discussion.

Someone added a very bright disclaimer, so all should be good in the 
future. I do agree with others that using /dev/sdX would probably be 
wise as well in documentation, but that doesn't fix the true root of the 
problem. People really should watch cutting and pasting, or typing, 
commands on a Linux root without understanding what it is that the 
commands are doing.

Is it possible you could help him with some basic Linux lessons then, 
and/or point him to some beginner material so this doesn't happen again.

I just had a problem with blaming the author of a document, (I didn't 
even write it) when the user did not read the document. If he doesn't 
speak or read English well, then that doesn't help that, nor does adding 
warnings help either if he can't read English well.

I'm not certain what languages the page has been translated to, but 
perhaps look into that for him as well. Or can you translate the page?


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