[CentOS] Dangerous Software Raid instructions on Wiki

Max Hetrick maxhetrick at verizon.net
Thu Aug 13 11:53:41 UTC 2009

Max Hetrick wrote:

> Someone added a very bright disclaimer, so all should be good in the 
> future. I do agree with others that using /dev/sdX would probably be 
> wise as well in documentation, but that doesn't fix the true root of the 
> problem. People really should watch cutting and pasting, or typing, 
> commands on a Linux root without understanding what it is that the 
> commands are doing.
> Is it possible you could help him with some basic Linux lessons then, 
> and/or point him to some beginner material so this doesn't happen again.
> I just had a problem with blaming the author of a document, (I didn't 
> even write it) when the user did not read the document. If he doesn't 
> speak or read English well, then that doesn't help that, nor does adding 
> warnings help either if he can't read English well.
> I'm not certain what languages the page has been translated to, but 
> perhaps look into that for him as well. Or can you translate the page?

Sorry for posting that to the main list. I hit reply and didn't see that 
   the reply to was still set for the main list.

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