[CentOS] FireWire in CentOS 5.3

Drew drew.kay at gmail.com
Tue Aug 18 18:43:59 UTC 2009

> On the subject of hard disk, I'm probably going to buy another disk for
> ripping the content. I can go SATA II internal but I'm a little worried
> about heat since my home is not air conditioned, would an external
> FireWire drive be a good option or am I better really better off going
> internal SATA II?

I'd stick with the SATA II.

Heat wise, either option will have the same issues. My first place had
no air conditioning, in a town that averaged 35C in the summer, and I
never has issues with drives. I know that drives don't like the higher
temps but if you're in a 35C climate like I was, it didn't matter if
the drive was external or internal as long as they have a fan blowing
air across them.

Speed wise the internal SATA will be your best bet. Theoretical
performances aside (400Mbps vs 3Gbps), the SATA will outperform the
FireWire. FireWire & USB2 are great for archiving but for any sort of
transfering, transcoding, etc you should stick with SATA.


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