[CentOS] Need httpd / apache RPM > 2.2.3 for 5.3

Johnny Hughes johnny at centos.org
Fri Aug 28 19:34:49 UTC 2009

Joe Pruett wrote:
>> Hmmmm, OK, I get it.
>> I know I can build the latest Apache on CentOS, and what we currently
>> do is put it into /usr/local - which I guess works.
>> I'd really prefer to have an RPM though.
>> Certainly the CentOS team as a way in which they produce this RPM.
>> Is this method public?  And if so, is it easy to obtain, and run
>> against the latest Apache source code to produce my own RPM?
> there is the redhat webstack (rhwas) code base to use.  it has newer http, 
> php, mysql, postgres, etc.  i have grabbed those srpms from ftp.redhat.com 
> and built my own repo.  centos has a testing repo that is doing the same 
> kind of thing, but has been a bit spotty with keeping up with changes from 
> upstream.  maybe that has cleared up now, but since i put the effort into 
> my own repo, i haven't kept tabs.  kbsingh has talked about making a sub 
> repo just for the webstack code, but i don't think that has ever happened.
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The RHWAS for c4 is released, the one for c5 is not released yet.

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