[CentOS] IMAP servers and Sent/Junk folders

Alexander Dalloz ad+lists at uni-x.org
Mon Aug 31 16:30:06 UTC 2009

> On Mon, Aug 31, 2009, Eugene Vilensky wrote:
>>my users were recently moved from a uw-imap on HPUX to dovecot on EL5.
>> Their sent items and folders went from a ~/Sent mbox file (when using
>>SquirrelMail and Apple Mail both) to ~/mail/Sent for SquirrelMail and
>>~/mail/Sent Messages for other imap clients.  I notice I can cat the
>>files together and the only artifact is I end up with multiple "This
>>message is part of the system do not delete" visible to the user's
>>mail client.  Is there any advice anyone can give me regarding this or
>>other solution?
> When I wrote a script to extract messages from UW-Imap mbox files
> (or standard BSD mail folders where UW-imap was used), moving
> them to Maildir storage, it was easy to just look at the Subject
> line of each message, ignoring those with the don't remove this.

double plus from my side to use Maildir with dovecot instead of mbox file

There are several scripts and solution for migration. It is easy and once
dovecot can use its indexed Maildir, you will see a huge improvement in
speed accessing the mailboxes. Especially if mailboxes are not just pretty

> FWIW, we use courier-imap, not dovecot, and I know nothing about
> dovcot beyond that it's imap and how to spell it.


> Bill


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