[CentOS] send existing root email to another user

John R Pierce pierce at hogranch.com
Tue Dec 1 03:48:27 UTC 2009

> Argh spoke to soon - its mostly all good apart from the attachments 
> that are on the emails don't come through as attachments.
> Is there any way I can send the so that they are received with 
> attachments still intact?

install mutt if you haven't already.  (yum install mutt)

as root, go into mutt.  you should see all your messages, or at least 
the first screenful of them.

tag all the messages by...
    T .* <enter>
(no spaces, just shift-T, then .* to tag all and enter to make the tag 
now each message header should show a *


to 'bounce' all messages that are taggged.  give it an address to 
'bounce' them too, and voila.   they remain in the mailbox, so...


and yes to delete all.   q to quit (it won't actually purge the deleted 
messages til you quit)

in general, ; means the next command is executed on all tagged messages.

I'm sure there's probably a  more elegant way to do this, but this is 
thie quickest way I know.

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