[CentOS] send existing root email to another user

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Tue Dec 1 20:33:24 UTC 2009

John R Pierce wrote:
>> Argh spoke to soon - its mostly all good apart from the attachments 
>> that are on the emails don't come through as attachments.
>> Is there any way I can send the so that they are received with 
>> attachments still intact?
> install mutt if you haven't already.  (yum install mutt)
> as root, go into mutt.  you should see all your messages, or at least 
> the first screenful of them.
> tag all the messages by...
>     T .* <enter>
> (no spaces, just shift-T, then .* to tag all and enter to make the tag 
> happen)  
> now each message header should show a *
>     ;b
> to 'bounce' all messages that are taggged.  give it an address to 
> 'bounce' them too, and voila.   they remain in the mailbox, so...
>     ;d
> and yes to delete all.   q to quit (it won't actually purge the deleted 
> messages til you quit)
> in general, ; means the next command is executed on all tagged messages.
> I'm sure there's probably a  more elegant way to do this, but this is 
> thie quickest way I know.
Thank you this worked perfectly.
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