[CentOS] Is ext4 safe for a production server?

Miguel Medalha miguelmedalha at sapo.pt
Thu Dec 10 20:28:21 UTC 2009

> XFS is not stable on 32-bit systems. You should not use it there. You 
> need a 64-bit kernel.
> Default for servers should be 64-bit now anyway. Not many reasons left 
> for a 32-bit system, and more and more 3. party applications have less 
> and less support for 32-bit platforms in general.

That is for you rich people :-) Not everyone can afford the latest and 
greatest server hardware. There are tons of older servers out there. I 
still manage some servers with only 2GB of RAM and some of their 
motherboards accept a *maximum* of 4GB. Those precious few GB are better 
used with a 32bit OS, don't you agree?

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