[CentOS] Screen capture in Terminal

Robert Moskowitz rgm at htt-consult.com
Thu Dec 10 20:41:50 UTC 2009

Les Mikesell wrote:
> Rick Barnes wrote:
>> On 12/10/2009 08:05 AM, Robert Moskowitz wrote:
>>> I don't see how to do it.
>>> I had to telnet into a firewall and run a trace, and I had to stop it,
>>> copy and paste to gedit, then start again, etc.
>>> I find it interesting, and sad, that there is no easy 'output to file'
>>> profile setting.
>> man script
> That saves the whole session and is sometimes useful.  But, usually with command 
> line programs you would just redirect the individual command's output to a file 
> with '> filename' on the command line, or pipe through tee '|tee filename' if 
> you want to see it at the same time.

I use that a lot, but it doesn't work for telnet.

> Also, the terminal windows have a fairly big scroll-back buffer which you can 
> increase with edit/profile so if you do decide to copy something after it 
> happens you don't have to stop while it is still showing.

This last case it was ~4000 lines worth, the default is 500. And I did 
not know it was that much until I started dealing with the debug dump.

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