[CentOS] How do I link to custom libs without affecting system libs (LD_LIBRARY_PATH)

John R Pierce pierce at hogranch.com
Sat Dec 12 22:13:09 UTC 2009

Chris Morley wrote:
> Hi, i am getting an issue with rtorrent that is related to my curl libaries.
> In summary it requires a later curl libary than CentOS 5.4 uses for its system files (CentOS uses curl libs version 7.15.5, rtorrent requires 7.19.2 or greater).
> To get around this I would like to download the latest curl version and compile and link to rtorrent without affecting system files.
> How can i statically link the latest Curl libs to my rtorrent build? I belive its to do with LD_LIBRARY_PATH but i am not sure howto proceed:
> wget http://curl.haxx.se/download/curl-7.19.7.tar.gz
> cd curl-7.19.7./configuremakemake install
> The above make install would overwrite or upgrade the existing curl, worried about breaking existing system!

no, static linking has NOTHING to do with LD_LIBRARY_PATH.   actually, 
you don't even need a static link here, just link it against the 
alternate libcurl.so that you put in an alternate path.  for instance, 
build your new curl library to live somewhere like /usr/locall/curl/lib, 
then specify this as a -L argument to the link of your rtorrent, which 
likely is built to install to /usr/local/bin or such.

depending on how rtorrent's build works, this could be a simple argument 
to the ../configure, like --path-libcurl=/usr/local/curl/lib

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