[CentOS] Help With Glade and C5 64-bit?

John Doe jdmls at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 17 17:20:11 UTC 2009

From: Scott Ehrlich <srehrlich at gmail.com>
>> you did mention it, but you mentioned "yum install glade" while I
>> suggested installing a package called glade2. Note the 2. Doing a search
>> with apt suggests glade2 is what you want, there is no package called
>> glade in c5. I'm sure yum search or yum list or whatever would say the same.
>> So, did you try "yum install glade2"?
>> Did this fail for you?
> It was tried and it did work, but no executable was found.
> If you try it, do you get an executable?  If so, what is the path?

# yumdownloader glade2
# rpm -qpl glade2-2.12.1-6.el5.i386.rpm



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