[CentOS] Frustrations with MySQL loss, tcpdump, netstat, etc

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Tue Dec 22 16:32:26 UTC 2009

Hi Les,

>> MySQL is running, my Wordpress stuff is working, but I cannot connect to the server from my house. This server is in my house, however, but on a public IP, behind a firewall, etc.
>> I checked my hardware firewall (a dedicated UnTangle system) and that is successfully allowing the passage. I know this because the firewall shows:
>> 2009-12-22 6:29:41 am passed <my IP>:35606 <server IP>:3306
> [...]

>> What am I doing wrong? What can I check for? I am stumped!
> Where does the client connection originate?  Is it behind the same 
> firewall but on a NATed address?  Or is NAT involved in some other way 
> that might keep you from seeing the source you expect in your tcpdump?

OK, I have a comcast modem as pass through.

I have a firewall and behind it is the mysql server (public IP)

I have an Apple Time Capsule that is NOT behind the firewall, but does have a public IP on the same network as the firewall and MySQL Server. The Time Capsule nats and give clients behind it a private IP.


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