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Currently I work in the helpdesk however I run a virtualized CentOS network at home where all my testing takes place (Apache, BIND, MIT Kerberos w/ LDAP integration, OpenLDAP, NFSv4 with krb auth, Puppet). I am planning on taking the rapid track course which sounds like an invaluable refresher. Thanks for all of the recommendations, I appreciate it.


Dan Burkland

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> On Tue, 2009-12-29 at 12:06 -0600, Dan Burkland wrote:
> > I realize this is a CentOS mailing list but because it is based
> > directly on RHEL, I would assume there are a few individuals who
> > frequent the list that have passed the RHCE exam. I plan on taking the
> > exam this March and was wondering if there are any tips you RHCEs out
> > there could provide that may help me.
> Well, there's at least one RHCE (and RHCA) on this list :)
> But we (and you when you take the exam) are not allowed to talk about
> it. If you haven't booked it yet, try to get the 'rapid track' course
> with exam, it takes you through the whole system and gets you up to
> speed on a lot of subjects you might not be using everyday (I do not
> know what you are doing for a job, but I can imagine that you don't use
> every aspect of RHEL (or CentOS) on a daily basis).
> If you are VERY experienced you can try to take the exam without
> preparation, it is performance based as Red Hat calls it. See
> http://www.redhat.com/certification/rhce/ for more information and some
> prep questions.
> 	Regards,
> 	Michel (RHCE #804006422520400)
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