[CentOS] (Semi-OT) Problems with Firefox

Ralph Angenendt ra+centos at br-online.de
Tue Jan 13 10:00:57 UTC 2009

Sam Drinkard wrote:
>     After I think the last or next to last update to firefox, I started 
> seeing some problems, wherein I no longer have a "back" function on any 
> pages or tabs.  Also, I get some kind of strange message....
>  "Assertion Failed ASSERT:***Search:_installLocation: engine has no 
> file! Stack Trace: 0 ENSURE_WARN(false,_installLocation: engine has no 
> file!.2147500037) 
> 1:()2:()3:()4:90:epsGetAttr([objectObject],hidden)5:906:907:currentEngine() 
> 8:get_currentEngine()9:updateDisplay() 10:init() 11:([object XULElement],0)

Stupid question: Did you restart firefox after the update? Because this
is the behaviour which normally is seen when you try to continue to work
with the previous version of firefox after an update.

It might just be that even after closing all windows there still is an
old process hanging around and newly opened windows get created by that

So make sure that you kill *all* instances of firefox and try again.


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