[CentOS] ASUS PT6 or Intel DX58SO for CentOS?

Tosh toshlinux at gmail.com
Tue Jan 13 22:07:40 UTC 2009

Chris Boyd wrote:
> I'm looking at setting up a new machine to run CentOS 5 and a few
> VMWare machines to test Windows XP, Vista, and 7.  I'm working with a
> custom PC shop and they've recommended I use either the ASUS PT6 or
> Intel DX58SO.  Any feedback good or bad on either of these?

I run a similar setup with a DQ45EK, one gen before what you are 
recommended, it works perfect out-of-the-box with CentOS 5.2, with the 
new beta 5.3 kernel I do not need any kmod's so all devices are 
recognized directly
I run a CentOS 5.3beta 64bit xen kernel which works perfect

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