[CentOS] ASUS PT6 or Intel DX58SO for CentOS?

nate centos at linuxpowered.net
Tue Jan 13 22:11:54 UTC 2009

Chris Boyd wrote:
> I'm looking at setting up a new machine to run CentOS 5 and a few
> VMWare machines to test Windows XP, Vista, and 7.  I'm working with a
> custom PC shop and they've recommended I use either the ASUS PT6 or
> Intel DX58SO.  Any feedback good or bad on either of these?

Neither of them seem to support ECC, not that I can recommend this
board specifically but it does appear to support ECC and runs the


Though all 3 boards seem to have the same chipset so it's possible
the other two support ECC too. Also the Supermicro board has the advantage
of having remote management support(IPMI 2.0) whereas the other boards
don't seem to have anything like it.

The Asus has shitty networking on it(Realtek), I assume the Intel
one has an Intel NICs, and the Supermicro has Intel as well.


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