[CentOS] After BIND update owner changed and restart failed

Scott Mazur centos at littlefish.ca
Wed Jan 14 19:15:52 UTC 2009

On Wed, 14 Jan 2009 17:31:26 +0100, Kai Schaetzl wrote
> Scott Mazur wrote on Tue, 13 Jan 2009 08:08:22 -0600:
> > AFAIK the DHCP client has no authority to register dynamic dns regardless of
> > how the client machines are configured.  It's the DHCP server that decides to
> > update BIND and this can be turned on or off.  My guess is your DHCP server is
> > configured to update BIND when clients get new leases.  Hence the errors
> > reported by BIND when these attempts are made.  Read up on the man pages for
> > dhcpd.conf.  In particular review the ddns-update-style and ddns-updates
> Hm, man says that "ignore client-updates;" is what I want to set. 
> However, this is already set in the file. I just checked my logs 
> again and now I know why I didn't ever notice it before. It seems 
> that happened only from Jan. 8 to 11. Not before 
> (as far as log goes back, which is only four weeks), not after. I 
> did the named update on Jan. 11, but this seems to be coincidence. 
> And it's been always the same client. Go, figure.

"the server can be configured either to honor the client's intentions or
ignore them. This is done with the statement allow client-updates; or the
statement ignore client-updates;"

This refers to the client updating its own A record.  Ignore/allow here won't
stop the DHCP server from attempting updates to BIND.

"The DHCP server must be configured to use one of the two currently-supported
methods, or not to do dns updates. This can be done with the ddns-update-style
configuration parameter"

You want to set ddns-update-style to 'none'.  This should end the BIND update
attempts (and failure logging).


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