[CentOS] After BIND update owner changed and restart failed

Kai Schaetzl maillists at conactive.com
Thu Jan 15 11:50:56 UTC 2009

Scott Mazur wrote on Wed, 14 Jan 2009 13:15:52 -0600:

> "the server can be configured either to honor the client's intentions or
> ignore them. This is done with the statement allow client-updates; or the
> statement ignore client-updates;"
> This refers to the client updating its own A record.  Ignore/allow here won't
> stop the DHCP server from attempting updates to BIND.
> "The DHCP server must be configured to use one of the two currently-supported
> methods, or not to do dns updates. This can be done with the ddns-update-style
> configuration parameter"
> You want to set ddns-update-style to 'none'.  This should end the BIND update
> attempts (and failure logging).

Thanks for "confirmation". Looking at the dhcpd.conf, this has been set since 
the beginning. I don't think that any of these updates was coming from the 
dhcpd, they were in time intervals (20 mins or a few hours) that didn't match 
with the re-lease interval (one day). And as I wrote, it was only coming from 
one single machine. I checked the log files on it and it stopped exactly at the 
time the machine got rebooted because it acquired the latest security update 
from Microsoft. So, there was obviously something goofy for about three days on 
that machine that let it do those update requests. Maybe the VMWare DHCP service 
on that machine was responsible as this shows up with a single error message on 
the 8th, when it all seems to have started.


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