[CentOS] OT? File order on CentOS/Samba server -- SOLVED (kind of...)

Filipe Brandenburger filbranden at gmail.com
Sat Jan 24 01:45:06 UTC 2009


You might want to try to look into the Distiller side of things.

1) I believe you are using Rundirex.txt file to convert all the .ps's
into one .pdf. This page from Adobe confirms that it will take the
files in directory order under Windows:

"-- Acrobat Distiller for Windows will process the files in the order
in which you put them into the folder and create the PDF pages in the
order in which it processes the files."
"-- Acrobat Distiller for Mac OS will process the files in alphabetical order."
(one solution would be getting a mac, hehehe).

Strange that you never hit the wrong order problem before, since
according to that page, you should...

2) That page also talks about Runfilex.ps file, which is basically the
same, only you have to list each .ps file in the order you want them
to be included. Any chance you could use this one instead of Rundirex?
Is the list of included files fixed? Could the Runfilex.ps file be
somehow generated on the server based on the list of files that are
there (maybe by a CGI in a web interface) instead of copied by the

3) From what I see, Rundirex.txt (even with a .txt extension) is a
Postscript file. AFAIK, Postscript is a full programming language,
I've even seen webservers written in Postscript. I'm sure there is a
way to sort the list of files from inside Postscript. However, I don't
know the language and wouldn't know how to do that, or even how to
start looking for it. I searched on the web for someone that did
implement this on Rundirex.txt specifically, but with no luck. Maybe
someone else on the list will know Postscript, or you could try to
look for it in a Postscript list, I'm sure the solution will exist

Good luck! And let us know how you fixed it!


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