[CentOS] Problem compiling cairo-dock under CentOS 5.2

Marko Vojinovic vvmarko at panet.co.yu
Sun Jan 25 22:14:45 UTC 2009

On Sunday 25 January 2009 17:10, Marko Vojinovic wrote:
> I am trying to compile cairo-dock from source (failing to find an existing
> package for CentOS). I believe all dependencies are satisfied, but while
> doing "make", at some point it says (I can provide the full make output if
> it's needed):
> /home/vmarko/cairo/cairo-dock-2.0.0-beta1/src/cairo-dock.c:724: undefined
> reference to `g_timeout_add_seconds'

To partially answer my own question, it appears that g_timeout_add_seconds was 
introduced in glib2 library, starting from version 2.14, while my current 
CentOS installation has version 2.12.3-2. Now, it turns out that glib2 
depends on glibc, gamin and libselinux, my current versions being 2.5.24, 
0.1.7-8 and 1.33.4-5 respectively.

So, to reformulate the question: is there a clean way to upgrade glib2 from 
2.12 to 2.14 without having to upgrade glibc and friends (and glibc has *a 
lot* of friends installed on the system :-) ...).

This is a desktop machine which is not quite important for production etc, so 
I wouldn't mind customizing it if it isn't too much hassle.

I am open to suggestions on what to do ---

* update glib2 and possibly glibc and its dependencies?
* temper with the cairo-dock source to remove references to new functions and 
make it compatible with glib2 v2.12 (this is possible, but not easy)?
* wait for CentOS 5.3 hoping that it has more recent glib2?
* give up?

Appreciate any help!

Best, :-)

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