[CentOS] More than 2TB RAID...

Morten Torstensen morten at mortent.org
Tue Jan 27 12:56:00 UTC 2009

John Doe wrote:
> I just received a new server (HP DL180G5) with 12x 1TB HDs and I bumped into fdisks 2TB limits...

I would create two raid logical volumes, one for centos (say, 20GB to 
100GB) and one with the rest of the space. Install centos and normal MBR 
on /dev/sda and then use lvm on the /dev/sdb directly with no partition 
table needed.

I would also strongly consider having two disks mirrored for the system 
in one lvm vg and the rest in another, but with 1TB disks it is kind of 
wasted space. Tho with 12 disks you can have 2 disks for RAID1, then 
8+P+1 in RAID5.


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