[CentOS] More than 2TB RAID...

Peter Kjellstrom cap at nsc.liu.se
Tue Jan 27 16:03:28 UTC 2009

On Tuesday 27 January 2009, Morten Torstensen wrote:
> John Doe wrote:
> > I just received a new server (HP DL180G5) with 12x 1TB HDs and I bumped
> > into fdisks 2TB limits...
> I would create two raid logical volumes, one for centos (say, 20GB to
> 100GB) and one with the rest of the space. Install centos and normal MBR
> on /dev/sda and then use lvm on the /dev/sdb directly with no partition
> table needed.

Smartarray controllers user cciss.ko which is one of the few block I/O thingys 
that doesn't use the linux scsi layer. Devices will be /dev/cciss/c0d0, 
c0d1, ...

> I would also strongly consider having two disks mirrored for the system
> in one lvm vg and the rest in another, but with 1TB disks it is kind of
> wasted space. Tho with 12 disks you can have 2 disks for RAID1, then
> 8+P+1 in RAID5.

Smartarray controllers don't work like "normal" raid. You can have the first 
part of all your 12 drives be a logical raid1+0 and then the rest be a raid6. 
In this way you won't "waste" two drive-slots for OS.

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