[CentOS] Yum update conflicts perl-Math-BigInt

Mark Pryor tlviewer at yahoo.com
Sat Jan 31 01:18:39 UTC 2009

--- On Fri, 1/30/09, Dan Carl <danc at bluestarshows.com> wrote:

> From: Dan Carl <danc at bluestarshows.com>
> Subject: [CentOS] Yum update conflicts perl-Math-BigInt
> To: "CentOS mailing list" <centos at centos.org>
> Date: Friday, January 30, 2009, 1:13 PM
> I followed the Wiki instructions for setting up
> *yum-priorities*.
> I added the rpmforge repo
> I installed clamd without a problem.
> Now when I go to update I get conflicts with
> perl-Math-BigInt.
> Is the only solution to uninstall the base version and then
> install the 
> rpmforge version?

Take a deep breath there... the base version is Perl itself - Math::BigInt is a core module in C5.

I would like to know why the developers of Clamd feel the need to use the latest perl-Math-BigInt? Try checking your /var/log/yum.log to see if this RPM was installed coincident with Clamd. Perhaps you can exclude it somehow.



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