[CentOS] Getting started with NFS

Wed Jul 8 12:13:02 UTC 2009
Niki Kovacs <contact at kikinovak.net>

Frank Cox a écrit :
> There isn't much to setting up a simple NFS fileserver and client mount.  Set
> up /etc/exports on the server (this assumes your client is
> /whatever/where-ever/
> Start the nfs service.  Create a mount point on the client
> "mkdir /mnt/fileserver"
>  then mount the fileserver there. 
> "mount fileserver:/whatever/where-ever/ /mnt/fileserver"

OK, I made a fresh start on this and installed two vanilla CentOS 5.3 
systems (GNOME desktops, no tweaks or whatsoever) on two sandbox 
machines in my LAN. Everything works all right, out of the box, like a 

Now I'd like to explore things NFS a little further, and the next 
question is: starting from a bare bones minimal system, what packages do 
I need to make NFS work a) on the server side, and b) on the client 
side? For example, in order to use DHCP on my network, I installed the 
dhcp package for a DHCP server, and then on the clients I'm using 
dhclient (already included in the minimum base install).

I have quite some documentation here for CentOS / RHEL, but curiously 
enough, none seems to mention the needed packages to make NFS work.

The reason I'm asking: usually I like to install only what's needed.

Any suggestions ?