[CentOS] Getting started with NFS

Wed Jul 8 12:40:35 UTC 2009
Sander Snel <zander.snel at gmail.com>

The tool you need is nfs-utils, if you do a
# rpm -qi --provides nfs-utils
you will get output of which software it provides, and some info about 
the package.
Most of the nfs service is handled by the kernel:
"Summary     : NFS utlilities and supporting clients and daemons for the 
kernel NFS server."

I hope this helps you one step further


Niki Kovacs wrote:
> Frank Cox a écrit :
>> There isn't much to setting up a simple NFS fileserver and client mount.  Set
>> up /etc/exports on the server (this assumes your client is
>> /whatever/where-ever/
>> Start the nfs service.  Create a mount point on the client
>> "mkdir /mnt/fileserver"
>>  then mount the fileserver there. 
>> "mount fileserver:/whatever/where-ever/ /mnt/fileserver"
> OK, I made a fresh start on this and installed two vanilla CentOS 5.3 
> systems (GNOME desktops, no tweaks or whatsoever) on two sandbox 
> machines in my LAN. Everything works all right, out of the box, like a 
> charm.
> Now I'd like to explore things NFS a little further, and the next 
> question is: starting from a bare bones minimal system, what packages do 
> I need to make NFS work a) on the server side, and b) on the client 
> side? For example, in order to use DHCP on my network, I installed the 
> dhcp package for a DHCP server, and then on the clients I'm using 
> dhclient (already included in the minimum base install).
> I have quite some documentation here for CentOS / RHEL, but curiously 
> enough, none seems to mention the needed packages to make NFS work.
> The reason I'm asking: usually I like to install only what's needed.
> Any suggestions ?
> Niki
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