[CentOS] nfs (v3?) fails to allow writes and permission changes

Mon Jul 13 19:50:57 UTC 2009
nate <centos at linuxpowered.net>

Rob Kampen wrote:

> [rkampen at robsws p_494]$ sudo chmod +w 5887_cover.pdf
> Password:
> chmod: changing permissions of `5887_cover.pdf': Operation not permitted
> yet using gnome file browser I can change permissions on these nfs
> mounted files just fine - go figure.
> This did work in the past - so what has changed?
> how do I check what version of nfs is actually working?

Root squash may be enabled by default, try adding the
"no_root_squash" option to your exports file on the server
side, you may need to remount the volume on the client side
after restarting/reloading nfs on the server.