[CentOS] TwinView (on NVIDIA graphics card)?

Mon Jul 20 14:34:03 UTC 2009
Rob Kampen <rkampen at kampensonline.com>

Toralf Lund wrote:
> Hi,
> Is anyone here using TwinView with NVIDIA graphics drivers under 
> CentOS 5? Just tried this configuration (I've been using dual monitors 
> as separate X screens in the past), and while it works in a sense, 
> there are a few issue that will probably prevent me from using it for 
> real. Notably, which screen new applications start on (when using the 
> Applications menu or panel launchers) seems to be quite arbitrary. I 
> expect windows to open on whichever screen I initiated their creation, 
> I suppose, but they will often  appear on the other one. This is using 
> the GNOME desktop.
> Another slight issue is with the notification icons. I really want to 
> display duplicates of these, so I can view them on both screens, but 
> is seems like the Notification Area doesn't work this way, i.e. it 
> will never display more than one of each icon even when there are 
> several instances of the area. But this is a problem I also have when 
> using separate X screens.
> So, what are other people's experiences with a dual monitor setup?
> - Toralf
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I have two systems both running nvidia twinview and gnome.
My experience with opening apps is that it appears totally random - it 
is somewhat related to the window least used, but each time I think I 
have it figured out it does something else.
As my xorg.conf is basically the same on both - this may be the reason 
for identical behavior.
I do not recall how I got them setup initially about two years ago - it 
was a nightmare, thus I keep a copy of xorg.conf and use it.
My reading on xorg.conf seems to support the view that this file's setup 
is black art / black magic. I also understand that some devices can now 
bypass this ....... i.e keyboard and mouse ..... no logical design in place.
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