[CentOS] TwinView (on NVIDIA graphics card)?

Tue Jul 21 07:06:05 UTC 2009
Toralf Lund <toralf.lund at pgs.com>

Rob Kampen wrote:
> Toralf Lund wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Is anyone here using TwinView with NVIDIA graphics drivers under 
>> CentOS 5? [ ... ]
>> Another slight issue is with the notification icons. I really want to 
>> display duplicates of these, so I can view them on both screens, but 
>> is seems like the Notification Area doesn't work this way, i.e. it 
>> will never display more than one of each icon even when there are 
>> several instances of the area. But this is a problem I also have when 
>> using separate X screens.
>> So, what are other people's experiences with a dual monitor setup?
>> - Toralf
> Toralf,
> I have two systems both running nvidia twinview and gnome.
> My experience with opening apps is that it appears totally random - it 
> is somewhat related to the window least used, but each time I think I 
> have it figured out it does something else.
Right. This is a 100% accurate description of what I'm seeing - I 
couldn't have put it better myself ;-)

> As my xorg.conf is basically the same on both - this may be the reason 
> for identical behavior.
> I do not recall how I got them setup initially about two years ago - 
> it was a nightmare, thus I keep a copy of xorg.conf and use it.
Setting it up was quite easy for me, thought, but I used the tools 
supplied with the NVIDIA driver - these are actually quite good.
> My reading on xorg.conf seems to support the view that this file's 
> setup is black art / black magic. I also understand that some devices 
> can now bypass this ....... i.e keyboard and mouse ..... no logical 
> design in place.
Like someone else mentioned, the docs from NVIDIA may just be better, 
too. These are included in the "dkms-nvidia-x11-drv" package at 

Not that this helps me much, though, as I really, really want to be able 
to work when one of the screens isn't visible (without having to switch 
the display off and back on all the time.) So it's back to separate X 
screens I suppose. Which I'm quite happy with, really, but it would be 
nice to be able to move windows between the screens every once in a 
while. Actually, the ideal for me would be if the screens could behave 
as different workspaces.


- Toralf
> Rob
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