[CentOS] Minor dovecot/KMail problem

Gary Greene ggreene at minervanetworks.com
Mon Jun 22 19:31:21 UTC 2009

On 6/20/09 5:43 AM, "Timothy Murphy" <gayleard at eircom.net> wrote:
> I'm running a dovecot/IMAP server under CentOS-5.3 on my desktop,
> reading the mail with KMail on my laptop.
> I have what seems a venerable and well-documented problem/bug;
> when I click on "Check Mail" I get an error message
> "Error while getting folder information" ...
> Actually, this doesn't appear to have the slightest effect
> on kmail, which works perfectly if one just presses Continue.
> But I have worked out that the cause of the problem
> is that there exists a kind of ghost folder, "uidvalidity",
> which is listed among the folders on the kmail page
> but does not in fact seem to exist in my maildir on the server.
> Deleting the folder under kmail has no permanent effect;
> it simply re-appears when I re-start kmail.
> I assume the folder is listed in some way in the dovecot.index ;
> and my question really is: if I delete this index file
> will it be re-created automatically?
> This bug/feature seems to have been present for years,
> which I suppose is par for KDE.

More like par for RH, since they focus on GNOME instead. (Can't wait to see
when RHEL/CentOS when they base the KDE in it off the work of the Fedora KDE
volunteers... Likely in 6.)

> To make it as difficult as possible to diagnose,
> the error message on the kmail page is incomplete,
> even when expanded to the whole screen.
> In particular it does not specify (on the visible part)
> what folder is causing the problem.
> Nor is the error listed with other dovecot information
> in /var/log/messages .
> Any suggestions/advice gratefully received.

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