[CentOS] logical volume over NFS permissions problem

Filipe Brandenburger filbranden at gmail.com
Thu Jun 25 13:18:11 UTC 2009


2009/6/25 Tomas Ruprich <ruprich at uikt.mendelu.cz>:
> i've problem with mounting logical volumes over NFS.

You are mounting /export/escience and you want to access
/export/escience/vv_25 which is another filesystem. NFS (v2 and v3)
does not work that way, if you export and mount /export/escience, you
will get only the files in that filesystem and not in filesystems
mounted below it. It does not traverse mount points.

To achieve what you want, you have to export and mount
/export/escience/vv_25 explicitely.

Or you can investigate NFSv4, which AFAIR works the way you are trying
to use, but it has many differences from NFSv3 and there is some
learning curve involved.


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