[CentOS] logical volume over NFS permissions problem

Tomas Ruprich ruprich at uikt.mendelu.cz
Tue Jun 30 12:00:17 UTC 2009

Hi, it is exactly as you're writing, thanks for help.

I've been trying to solve it with NFSv4 for a short while, but it 
behaved the same way. So at last, i configured autofs, which is 
mounting all the logical volume mountpoints itself.

Just for the others, here's the way i configured autofs:
[root at client]# echo "/net /etc/auto.escience" > /etc/auto.master
[root at client]# echo "* -rw,intr,soft,timeo=300,tcp,rsize=32768,wsize=32768 nfs_server:/export/escience/&" > /etc/auto.escience
[root at client]# service autofs restart

[root at client]# touch /net/<name_of_the_share>

Thanks again Filipe.


Thu, Jun 25, 2009 ve 09:18:11AM -0400, Filipe Brandenburger napsal:
> Hi,
> 2009/6/25 Tomas Ruprich <ruprich at uikt.mendelu.cz>:
> > i've problem with mounting logical volumes over NFS.
> You are mounting /export/escience and you want to access
> /export/escience/vv_25 which is another filesystem. NFS (v2 and v3)
> does not work that way, if you export and mount /export/escience, you
> will get only the files in that filesystem and not in filesystems
> mounted below it. It does not traverse mount points.
> To achieve what you want, you have to export and mount
> /export/escience/vv_25 explicitely.
> Or you can investigate NFSv4, which AFAIR works the way you are trying
> to use, but it has many differences from NFSv3 and there is some
> learning curve involved.
> HTH,
> Filipe
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