[CentOS] Streaming video with Centos 5.2...how to?

Logan Moore logan at alloynet.co.nz
Wed Mar 18 01:51:49 UTC 2009

Rainer Duffner wrote:
> Guy Boisvert schrieb:
>> Does anybody knows something that would do using CentOS ?  Any good idea 
>> will be appreciated !
> For  Flash-streaming, there's Red5 (which a couple of customers are using)
> Anything else, I'd consider QSS (the commercial cousin of DSS, available
> on OSX-Server, only, IIRC).
> If you outgrow that, there are commercial solutions from SUN (in the
> if-you-have-to-ask-it's-probably-too-expensive-for-you-anyway
> department) or other vendors.
> Adobe's Flash-streaming platform is available on RHEL5 (or was that
> RHEL4?), too, but last time I looked, no 64bit version was available.
> (which is really a joke, these days)
> Rainer
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If you would prefer to not do any reencoding or use any special web 
apps, check out the following webpage. It's got some really nice and 
basic tips on getting files like wmv to stream using pointer files and 
setting the correct mime types.



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