[CentOS] How to setup a "secondary DNS server" pulling zones from Win2k3?

Fri Mar 6 09:05:45 UTC 2009
Alain RICHARD <alain.richard at equation.fr>

> But the replication of the reverse zone doesn't work yet - I get  
> errors:
> named[30219]: zone 42.121.10.in-addr.arpa/IN: refresh:
> unexpected rcode (NXDOMAIN) from master (source  
> Maybe I need to use some other name there?
> I'm reading out on "dig" tool currently, trying to find out which
> zone names are served by the Windows prim. DNS...
> Regards
> Alex

You need to authorize the replication of the zone by the slave (linux)  
on the master server (windows).

To do it, the simplest is to change the master zones properties on the  
windows server :
- add the linux server as domain name server for the zone
- authorize the zone transfer for all servers listed as domain name  
server for the zone (so it will enables the linux server to replicate)


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